Speaking - Win With Bryn

My Belief as I speaker is that it is not my job to teach anything but rather to assist in helping the audience access what they have always had inside

My Stats & Story

For over 10 years I have been speaking to audiences large and small across the country.

My unique brand of high energy, interactive, thought-provoking and most importantly FUN presentations have ​helped change over 100,000 lives

I am known for my energy in fact its been labeled BRYNERGY

I started speaking because I struggled with feeling unsuccessful and not realizing my own worth and value and I wanted to help others who might be feeling the same.  

Event Professionals

​We can all agree that the speakers for your events should be professional and enhance the attendees experience of the conference or event.  I can assure you that my top priority is to deliver just that.  Not only be a pleasure to deal with pre and post conference but also be a true highlight for your event.


​I speak on a variety of topics including but not limited to:

  • Leadership
  • Empowerment
  • Ownership
  • Limitlessness
  • Mindset Reframe and Manifestation Tips & Tricks

Of course my main intention is to make sure that our partnership furthers your objectives and goals for your event so a quick chat to learn more about how to do that is always requested, recommended and best.

All speaker inquiries should be sent to info@bryndrescher.com and my team will get back to you as soon as possible to find out how we can add value to your next project. 


Alexa-Helix Charter High School

"We hired Bryn as a speaker for our leadership conference at Helix Charter High School in La Mesa, California. All the students absolutely loved her ability to connect and resonate with them while keeping the atmosphere inviting and active. They way that Bryn incorporated her great sense of humor into the presentation was amazing. She made it so much easier to connect to the topic of leadership and channel that throughout the conference. We absolutely loved what she did for our group and would hire her again in a heartbeat."


Transformed by Bryn

"In a very short timeframe and with limited information, Bryn hit-it-outta-the-park for our meeting. Her energetic style and interactive activities kept everyone engaged, and her clear topic choice was thought-provoking and set a great foundation for the new year!"


Great Energy!

"Bryn Drescher came to our site and gave an excellent presentation and had full engagement from our youth! We are very satisfied with her services. Great energy!"


Exceptional & Inspiring!

"Bryn's facilitation with and speaking to both student & adult groups changes people's lives. Her dynamic, engaging, yet very personal connection to each audience she is with is incredible!"


Your talk at inbound was amazing!

"Fear is my biggest problem. I am so unbelievably scared of failure that i have been procrastinating on what i want to start. It really put it into perspective for me and i am STARTING! I am just gonna jump into it! Thank you Thank you Thank you!"